Peanuts are really power packs!


Groundnuts originate from the Andes in South America and already the Incas cultivated them. They valued their high nutrient content, because groundnuts deliver lots of energy, vitamins and minerals. A (moderate) consumption is therefore extremely healthy.

Today groundnuts grow in China, India, United States, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, West Africa and other tropical and subtropical countries.

The uses are manifold: as peanut oil or butter, in snack foods (roasted and salted or also with a sweet coating), hidden in candy, cosmetics and of course also in animal feed …

The groundnut plant is as beautiful as you see it here. But just for one day, than the bloom is already over. After the pollination of the flower a fruit stem grows down under the ground and there the fruit grows. Therefore are groundnuts actually not nuts but legumes and related with the peas and beans.

Groundnuts are also known by many other names: Peanut, Aschantinuss, Spanish Nut, Earth Acorn, Earthpistachio, Arachisnuss, Cameroon Nut, Monkey Nut, …